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Hey Di!
27 October
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I take a stand, and make no apologies I am a christian. I love God with all that I can possibly muster. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, by Him I am able to go to Heaven. How do I know this? The Bible. I live life, I try to keep looking up and pressing on. If you have read any of my entries, you can obviously tell I am not perfect, nor will I ever be until I meet my maker. In fact He is your maker too, got questions feel free to leave me a comment. Or if you are ever feeling down and need prayer feel free to leave one, for there is power in prayer. I in myself am not very interesting, all the excitement comes from what God uses and reveals to me so that I may grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Go ahead, read, you may surprised that you can relate...

Other tidbits:* I go to Calvary Chapel Bible College
* I am a legal adult
* I live in California

God is Faithful.

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